Whilst our main focus is on the well being of children, we also mediate on a wide range of other family relationship issues, for example:

  • Couples going through separation or divorce and parents seeking to discuss arrangements for their children
  • Grandparents or other relatives seeking to discuss arrangements for time with children
  • Long term separated and divorced couples. step-families, parent/teenager, grandparent/parent and financial and property matters.

Many people repeatedly go to court to argue over matters they are better placed to sort out themselves – like securing 30 minutes extra contact time or varying their allocated contact days.
This is expensive and emotionally draining for all concerned. Parents are best placed to resolve these types of issues and family mediation at Sussex Peaceful Solutions can help them do this.

Julia has a strong financial background and is very comfortable discussing family finances and as part of our exclusive service we also offer a comprehensive financial report relating to your property, pension and other financial matters which may have to change as a result of your separation.
As rules relating mortgages etc. have changed so drastically recently, we have forged a unique alliance with an independent firm of Financial Advisers to help provide you with all of the financial information you need to make informed decisions together.

We draft this after the joint meeting at no additional cost to yourselves.

There has been a change to the Children & Families Bill 2014 which requires you to attend a meeting to learn about mediation – a Mediation Information and Assessment meeting or MIAM – before you can make an application to Court to legally separate or divorce.
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