“Thank you Julia – you are great at what you do, balanced and fair but also perceptive and  understanding of the underlying circumstances”…..

Mr D.S

“I feel so much better about my situation after coming to see Julia” …..

Mr S.W.

“Julia is kind and patient and made me feel someone finally cared and wanted to listen”…..

Mrs C.N.

“Probably one of the best experiences of my life”….

Mrs G.H-W

“It’s like talking to a friend. Plus she’s always on the radio and telly going on about how great mediation is!”

Miss B.N.

“Thanks so much for going the extra mile for us”

Mr G.J.

“So kind and helpful, Julia achieved more in a week than my solicitor did in months and saved me a fortune”

Mrs L.K.

“Thanks for all your good work, I can’t express how much this has meant to me”

Mrs D.H.