What is the Workplace Mediation Process?

The mediators meet each party individually and confidentially to hear their concerns and issues and talk through with them how mediation can help.
Once both parties have agreed to meet together, a joint meeting with the mediators is arranged where they will have uninterrupted time to explain their concerns to one another.

A safe comprehensive discussion then takes place with both parties, facilitated by the mediators.
The mediators work with the parties to clear the air, listen to everyone’s issues, clarify underlying feelings and encourage a mutual understanding. It is not the role of the mediators to advise on solutions but to support the parties to come up with ideas and agreements to improve their working relationship in the future.

The benefits of workplace mediation are many….

Each situation is different, with a tailored approach required to find the best outcome possible. A dedicated workplace mediation service can provide the following:

  • A confidential and informal process
  • A situation where the relevant parties retain ownership of the process
  • An opportunity to work through issues in a safe respectful space facilitated by an impartial expert
  • Quick and cost effective service
  • Increased staff morale and productivity
  • Saving on management and HR time
  • Improved staff retention
  • More engaged workforce
  • A happier working environment
  • Improved employer reputation

Remember we are:

  • Impartial
  • Confidential
  • Independent
  • Promote Equal Opportunities
  • Collaborative
  • Non-discriminatory
  • Non-judgmental
  • Cost effective

We can help your employees return to work with less stress and reduced costs to you.
Call us for a free, confidential and impartial conversation about your situation.